Blue Oval Bikes

Dedicated primarily to the 565 series

For those to whom enough is never enough, Open Class scooters from a better managed time

when class names were in cc's of displacement, and men rode the 500cc class.



"Frita", my restored 1990 500cc KTM.

We go to the MX track around once a week.

I don't personally care for hanger queens, but collectors

and restorers are welcome.


Blah, blah, blah. Ok, lets get to the point. There are some interesting items below. Help yourself to stuff that

we have found out! If you wish to contribute, email me at this site. I'm Harry 'Moto', email name is just Harry.


* SET your RACE SAG!!!

Generic; applies to any Motocross bike.


Aluminum Bolts

Generic, KTM shown, but applies to any race bike.


*Seat Cover Replacement

Generic; applies to any bike with a plastic seat base.


KTM '89-'93 RED  HUBS

No, the rear hubs are NOT all the same!


*KTM 565 series Transmission Vent line Fix


*KTM  '89-? Rear brake bracket (loose 1/4 pound)


*KTM 565 leak at Countershaft sprocket fix


*Coolant recovery system for MX bikes

Generic, KTM shown, but applies to any liquid cooled race bike.


This page is an ongoing effort. More to come...