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Silly Poster; my favorite!

But now it's 10 grandkids, with # 11 in the oven.


Harry 'Moto', circa 1974, '73 125WR Husqvarna
1973 Husqvarna 125WR. Vintage air, summer, 1974
Harry 'Moto', circa 1989, '87 KTM500MX
Less 'Vintage', more air. 1987 KTM500MX.

Sunset ride at Canyon, circa 1989

Last ride on the '88 Husky 510 July 2001 at Aztec

Harry 'Moto' on the new KTM, July 2001 at Aztec

Grampa 'Moto' on his Quad

520 in SX Plastic

Solomon airing out his CR250

Sol at speed

Goofing off in the Meadow

Karen and Amber are goofing
off as well.

Living in Colorado, you sometimes ride when you can!


Vacation in Phoenix, January 2004. Ride with my buds, see the Supercross, break my back... BREAK MY BACK?? I'm leaning on my bike because my back hurts so bad.

If you go 65' on a steep 45' tabletop, you might break you back like I did. This is the jump. It's a bad thing, missed 7 weeks of work, but could have been far worse!

My buddy Sol, riding his CRF450 at Speedworld.

Desert racing finisher pins. All from Arizona Desert Racing Association, no longer in business. Top row from '86, 2nd and 3rd rows from '87, 4th row from '88, and the last one from '89. Changed my focus to MX.

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