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I started out with a perfectly good MTD Yardman. It has 21HP, 7 speeds by two ranges, and
a 46" mower deck. It didn't mow rocks very well, so the deck came off. Then I got to thinkin'...

Stock tractor with Dump Trailer

What if I got that steel kit for the 'CadPlans' loader and whipped up something a little more
useful; A resident track massage tool!

Steel Kit from Matco Supply
I got the parts and went to work. The plans from 'Cadplans' are for a different tractor, so I had
to change quite a bit of stuff. There are some glaring errors in the plans, too, so look them over
and check everything twice before you start welding away. Keep the cutting torch ready, so you
can 'adjust' things that you get out of place. First step on the tractor was to replace the stock
stamped steel axle with a cast iron one. (cost about $100 for the axle)

Before                                                                       After

Next I built a rigid conduit bumper, to keep the sheet metal looking nice and new and to provide
a hard point for bracing the loader. It was originally bolted to the frame, but when I braced the
loader support to it, I ended up welding it in place. There are large forces at work here.

Conduit Bumper/anchor point

Next was the difficult business of building the 'subframe' for the loader. I decided to skip
the 'quick removable' set up detailed in the plans; I couldn't run the mower deck and the
loader at the same time if I had done it that way.


Finished now, it easily lifts 300 pounds over 5 feet in the air. It will drive the bucket into
gravel and sand until the bucket is quite full, lift the load with ease, and dump it
on command. No more moving driveway gravel with a shovel for me!!

See the 'Working' page for pix of the finished product.

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