Tractor Project 2006

So I've had the tractor for a few years now, and it's done whatever

I have asked of it. The kids needed the level of their backyard lowered

by 6 to 10 inches; I volunteered the little tractor, and they were pleased

to put away their shovels and let the tractor do it's thing.



Maybe it was some kind of omen; as soon as I started the thing felt funny. I discovered that the

wheel lug nuts had come loose. The wheel is pretty well ruined, this has happened before and

the lug nuts just won't tighten down properly anymore. Cranked 'em down, back to work.


So this is the deal; all the grass has to go, and the level of the yard lowered.



This is the hardest the little tractor has ever worked. I'd have to stick the bucket in, drive forward

slowly, and work the 'wrist' movement to get the bucket to cut it's way in.



The hydraulics needed attention. I checked the oil after the first day, and apparently water had

found it's way in. New oil, and I'm good to go.


Next, the drive was acting funny. It had lost the bolt that holds the front of the transmission to

the frame crossmember previously, allowing the tranny to rotate from the counter torque of

driving the wheels. I managed to find a through hole in the transmission casting and got a full

lenght bolt through it, solving the problem. Then the next thing broke, pictured above. I thought

the party was over...



Ha-ha! Break THIS!! All secure again, back to work... Again... For a little while...

Until the little tractor goes "BANG" and the whole loader assembly leans off to the right!


The whole subframe tore out all the holes in the tractor frame.

Once again, I thought it was over for my little project...



But hey, there ain't much you can't fix with some more steel. I added the angle bracket on the left,

and found some more places to drill and bolt on the picture on the right. Good as new...

for now...



Dug out the stuff on the left, built up the stuff on the right.



Done! But the left rear is about to fall off again. I really need to replace that rear wheel.

One of these days... ;-)