Converting a 2001 KTM 520 MXC to the 2001 SX gas tank

You will need the following stuff;

 503.07.140.000 2001 SX Seat $136.24 Seat shape is all different; yes, you have to get one.
590.07.113.100  2001 SX Gas Tank $244.18 Just the black plastic hunk
503.07.005.000 2001 SX Petcock $75.39 MXC petcock doesn't fit; standpipe is fixed and too long.
503.08.150.000/04 (Orange) Left Radiator Shroud $28.90 The /04 denotes Orange
503.08.151.000/30 (Black) Right Radiator Shroud $28.90 The /30 denotes Black
0017.060.203 Special plastic screws(10) $9.70 These hold the shrouds (4 each) and the petcock
Total $523.31

    You will notice that this is a pile of cash. You save 2.81 pounds and can
move up to turn like you should on an MXer, but
it's a lot more cash than you'll read in the magazines.
(couple hundred bucks... Ha!)

BTW, many MX tracks require you to remove you'r sidestand
in the name of safety. You will need a bolt to hold the chain
roller on. The sidestand has an integral stud that does the job.
P/N is 0015.080.353, msrp is $1.05. Taking off the sidestand
will save you 1.06 pounds. After all this mine weighs 252 on
the bathroom scales, wet, no gas.